Solving the Transportation of a McCloskey S-190

One day, a client came to us after facing disappointment with several brokers, the challenge? Transporting a 65-foot, 85,000-pound McCloskey S-190. Although initially he was offered to transport it in an extendable RGN, we found that the prices offered by other brokers were too high. Based on our experience, we knew that a machine like this could be transported on a standard RGN with 26 feet of well space.

We got in touch with drivers specializing in heavy transport, including Nicholas from ALDARELLI ENTERPRISES LLC, known for their safe and efficient handling of oversized loads. We had the pleasure to work with him and make it happen.

At the end, the client was satisfied thanks to the hard work of Joselino Leiva, Ron and Josh Sanchez, who offered a fair and affordable price, and demonstrated that the transport was efficient and safe.

More and more industries are using vibratory screeners because they are good at separating materials and controlling their sizes. If you are planning to get one, the McCloskey S-190 is a great choice, but don’t hesitate to contact us for your transportation needs.

We understand that transporting oversized machines can be expensive. That’s why we always try to support our clients by offering fair prices and working with reliable carriers. That’s why STT Logistics Group is your solution for heavy hauling.



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