On the Road Again: The Journey of a Komatsu PC 800 LC-8

Transporting heavy machinery is always a challenge, and this time, we faced it with a Komatsu PC 800 LC-8 weighing 217,000 lbs. Although we had moved similar loads in the past, we hadn’t anticipated the complexity of transporting it disassembled.

Our client had the excavator broken down into parts, which we loaded onto 4 flatbed trucks and 1 beam trailer. However, there was an issue when one truck ended up carrying two pieces, causing it to be overweight. We quickly returned to the pickup location, to strategically rearrange the loads, ensuring compliance and simplicity.

Upon arrival, all 5 pieces were unloaded simultaneously. Our team, led by Josh and Joselino, who make a great team due to the excellent communication they maintain and the way they prioritize problem-solving, efficiently reassembled the machine onsite, leaving our customer delighted.

This project came to us through a client referral, even though we had some complications during the negotiation. But once they realized the comprehensive service we offered, taking care of everything so they wouldn’t have to worry about anything, the client accepted it with pleasure. Despite challenges in strategically transporting the disassembled excavator, our experience and clear communication ensured timely delivery.

Transporting the excavator showcased our ability to navigate complexities and deliver exceptional service. With good teamwork and professionalism, we are capable of exceeding the expectations of our customers. Contact us if you need equipment transportation.



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