How to Save Time and Money on Heavy Equipment Transport

When it comes to shipping your machinery or equipment, size and weight are the most critical factors influencing the cost. Because larger and heavier equipment requires more specialized resources, such as oversized load permits or escorts, shipping costs may increase.

The most important thing to consider is that you can save money with the help of an experienced and trusted heavy hauler service provider. They have the resources necessary for the efficient and safe transportation of your equipment. You’ll notice that the more your heavy haulers know, the more accurate your bid will be.

Here is other advice you can consider if you want to save money shipping your heavy equipment:

  • Proper planning is indispensable; having the best route and everything prepared is crucial to guaranteeing the arrival of your equipment safely and on time. By having a route plan, you can avoid peak traffic times or take alternative routes if you are aware of something happening on the road. Something that can also affect is the weather.
  • Consider effective shipping methods. This might save you some extra money on last-minute rush fees, which can end up being more expensive. The most common methods for shipping heavy equipment are flatbed, lowboy, and rail. Remember that it all depends on weight, size, and the distance or destination. Let the professionals tell you what the best way is to ship your equipment or advise you on it.
  • Reduce costs by reducing the weight of your equipment. It can sometimes be much less expensive to disassemble and reassemble equipment; however, be sure the machine can safely be assembled before dismantling to avoid damage. Cut the size or weight of your equipment down before shipping. There’s a cost for disassembly and reassembly, of course, but the shipper still comes out way ahead.

Remember that heavy equipment is an important investment that requires a higher standard of care during transport, so it is not always recommended to go with the cheapest option. If you want your equipment fully protected and delivered on time, a professional heavy hauling service is the way to go. That’s why STT Logistics Group is the best option. We can transport across every state, as well as internationally.



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