How to choose industry logistics experts

Are you looking for the top-tier logistics experts to move your loads? Who are you willing to trust to haul your assets? Whether you need to transport farming and construction equipment, dump trucks, power only, containers or any other heavy or oversized load, it’s crucial to choose a reliable provider and someone you trust that can get the job done.

If you are looking at heavy equipment hauling companies locally and internationally, consider the following questions for determining which one is the best fit for your needs.

Do they check on insurance?

Make sure any company you’re considering for heavy haul check on up-to-date insurance licenses. There are also a variety of certifications and special permits when you’re transporting certain type of equipment and loads.

What defines their service area?

Many heavy haulers and heavy equipment companies are constrained to working in a defined territory. Inquire about any limitations and make sure the provider you select covers your pickup location as well as the delivery destination.

What are the capabilities of their team or professional staff?

Leading companies are continually investing in the quality and training of their employees. As a customer, you’ll want to know that the people you are entrusting your equipment follow safety procedures and best practices to ensure a safe, timely and productive trip.

Communication & Customer care

One of the worst things that can happen in your relationship with a service provider is to be kept in the dark. The company you choose needs to demonstrate a commitment to customer service, excellent experience, communication and ongoing support. They should be in touch about everything, from scheduling, pickup dates and delivery confirmations.

Choosing a heavy hauling company you can rely on

Do you need a company that provides customized transportation solutions, bringing peace of mind during the whole process? STT LOGISTICS GROUP is your right choice!

We can haul your heavy load no matter the size, length, width, height, weight, or location. STT Logistics Group provides specialized heavy haul transportation and logistics services. We are a team of experienced experts that bring exceptional services and knowledge to every challenge our customers presents.

With years of experience, we are committed to hauling your heavy equipment and loads, and it’s all done by solutions-oriented, professional, personalized services, guidance, and great customer service.



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