How engine modification can help fleets replace diesel with cleaner-burning biofuels

As awareness of environmental consequences increases, businesses and individuals alike are progressively taking accountability for their ecological impact. Consequently, more organizations are issuing sustainability reports to showcase their dedication to mitigating emissions that contribute to climate change. Stakeholders employ environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards to assess a company’s commitment to these matters and determine if partnering with them is a justifiable risk.

In the U.S., the transportation sector plays a substantial role in greenhouse gas emissions, with heavy-duty trucks being considerable sources of CO2. In order to satisfy customer demands and remain competitive, commercial trucking companies must explore ways to decrease their carbon emissions. One option is adopting alternative fuel sources such as hydrogen or electricity, but these can be expensive.

ClearFlame Engine Technologies demonstrates that organizations do not have to sacrifice financial performance to meet ESG goals. ClearFlame is working to minimize the carbon footprint of fleets by adapting engines to be more eco-friendly, while concurrently reducing operating costs and preserving the performance that drivers expect.

ClearFlame’s approach consists of substituting diesel fuel in diesel engines with heavy-duty compression ignition and engine adjustments. This enables trucks to operate on an assortment of clean-burning, plant-based renewable fuels like ethanol, methanol, or ammonia. These alternative fuels not only lead to reduced emissions but are also more economically viable compared to traditional fossil fuels.

An independent study commissioned by ClearFlame reveals that the company’s innovative solution can lower greenhouse gas emissions by up to 42% in comparison to diesel, resulting in substantial savings for fleets. This approach helps commercial trucking companies transition towards sustainable practices, strengthening their commitment to environmental responsibility while maintaining a strong financial position.



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