Cold calling as a sales technique for freight brokers

Cold calling is a sales technique where sales representatives call potential customers they’ve never interacted with before in hopes of getting them interested in their product or service. Cold calls are also made to learn more about a prospect’s needs and identify decision-makers.

Here are some tips to become successful at cold calling:

Call today, profit later

Feeling unmotivated to start making calls? Reflect on what your desired outcome will be in half a year and then pick up the phone. Sales professionals contribute to the growth of their company by connecting with potential clients.

Try to find joy in knowing that after you stumble through that first call, leave those messages and send follow up emails, you will eventually get results.

Stop overthinking

Don’t let your nerves hold you back, make the call. If you have a client that you’re hesitant to call, begin with a few practice calls before you reach out to them. This approach is similar to warming up before a workout or a game. By taking action, you are developing your skills and refining your process.

Have a plan

Struggling to find the motivation to make cold calls? Break up your day into blocks of time. Don’t try to cold call for the entire day, as it can be overwhelming and disheartening.

Set a timer for 20-30 minutes and make your calls, then take a break and do something else such as another tasks or sending emails.

By the end of the workday, you will have made progress and that feeling of accomplishment will motivate you to continue making cold calls the next day. As time goes on, those cold calls will turn into warm leads, and you will continue to see progress.

Log your calls and emails

Keep a record of the number of cold calls and emails you make. Track your progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Sales managers often evaluate key performance indicators (KPI’s) and you should do the same.

Take note of how many prospects answered your call, the duration of the call, and how many prospects responded to your email or LinkedIn message. Plan a follow-up action, such as providing a quote, demonstrating the system, or checking in via phone. After tracking your cold calls and emails, analyze the response rate. Use this information to determine the number of calls or emails needed to generate opportunities.


Designate a specific time each day or week to conduct research before making cold calls. While it’s important to gather information, it’s also important to not overdo it. If you find yourself spending more time researching than actually making calls, you may be avoiding the task and hindering your success.

Research should provide the basic information needed to have an informed conversation with a prospect, such as who they are, what they do, why they do it, and where they are located.


Once you have connected with a potential customer, try to keep them on the phone. Ask about their current situation and what they like about it. Be respectful and positive, even if they have different preferences. Avoid criticizing competitors.

End the call by requesting a meeting, a quote, or arranging to follow up in the future. Utilize CRM tools to organize your workflow and tasks. I recommend combining automated communication, CRM workflows, and task reminders to make calls.

Keep dialing

Making cold calls can be daunting for sales professionals. While some calls may not go as planned, it’s important not to take it personally. The more calls you make, the better you’ll understand what works for you. Properly research your prospects, reach out to the right person, and try to keep the conversation going. Schedule follow-up calls and work towards achieving your desired outcomes.

This tactics will help to introduce your business to potential customers over the phone. Its effectiveness varies depending on when calls are made, who they are placed to, and how many are completed. The main objective is to develop relationships by qualifying leads or making prospects aware of your business.



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