Driving in difficult weather conditions

Many truckers may be accustomed to difficult roads, but it’s not the same when the weather changes and becomes challenging. The best thing you can do is train for these weather conditions and be aware of what you could do if a difficult situation shows up. Here are some tips to keep safe during difficult weather conditions:

  • Take precautionary measures and make sure your truck is in good condition. Inspect your trucks before setting them off. If there is snow or ice on the roads, use chains on your truck and add anti-gel to your fuel tank to ensure your fuel does not freeze. Also, use air conditioning to keep windows defrosted and clean any ice off your windshield.
  • Monitor the weather, from the place where you depart to the destination you need to reach, to ensure that you will be prepared if there are changes in the weather. Pay special attention to wind speeds; with strong enough winds, trailers can easily blow over. It is important to know when to slow down or even take breaks.
  • Monitor your speed; always stay within the speed limit to make sure you have control over the truck. Be cautious on roads where their surfaces freeze in cold weather; lowering your speed will ensure you maintain as much traction as possible.
  • Keep a distance between other vehicles. It provides you with the time and space needed to respond to unexpected situations. You will have more time to react or make decisions when facing challenging situations.

Most important, if there is a moment where you don’t feel very safe or confident about continuing to drive at a certain moment, it’s better to stop somewhere for a while and take your time to continue.

Here at STT Logistics Group, we like to have clear communication and be aware of anything that could happen to ensure the safe delivery of your equipment.



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