Have you ever tried to move one or several loads overseas and it just turns out to be a mess, time-consuming, and very expensive?

The solution for that is DRAYAGE. You save time and money!

Drayage is a form of transportation used to move goods from one location to another, one or both being the port or a railyard. Despite it being a short-distance mode of transport, drayage provides a necessary link in multimodal transport. It connects trucks, railways, ships, and even air freight, allowing goods to move across countries and continents. 

Source: https://www.inboundlogistics.com/articles/drayage/#:~:text=Unlike%20long%2Dhaul%20shipping%2C%20it’s,move%20across%20countries%20and%20continents.

It is usually done when shipping containers, but depending on the type of cargo and dimensions, you may encounter different types of equipment that can be transported this way.

oversize loads

One of the most challenging types of loads to transport is oversize loads. These require special equipment and additional safety standards to ensure that they are handled safely and securely, sometimes it’s even necessary to disassemble the cargo to ease the shipping. This is when you use what it’s called a flat rack or an open-top container.


Open Top

Drayage is the first step in intermodal shipping, and that’s why it’s so important. If something goes wrong with the drayage portion, it can cause delays along the whole transport, which is why hiring the right expert to handle it is crucial.

One of the big advantages of drayage is that, with its low cost and speed, shipping becomes really easy and you optimize your expenses.

This can be very time consuming, so here’s the best suggestion:

Hire an expert that you trust, check out their reviews online, make sure they have been several years in business, and make sure they have the right experience when it comes to inter-modal or multi-modal transport using drayage services.



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