5 Things you need to know before buying heavy equipment

In this industry are multiple situations that can go wrong when purchasing Heavy equipment, Most of the time, It´s just a lack of knowledge and that’s the reason I created this blog so you can learn some of the most common factors to take into consideration and get the best deal for your money.

  1. Cost:  Mentioning this point is not about the equipment price, It’s about considering factors such as Maintenance, Gas/Diesel cost, Available parts in the market, Insurance, and even taxes.  To avoid regretting your purchase, Always check videos and recommendations on the internet, You can join groups or blogs on Facebook that talk about heavy equipment and how reliable the equipment you are buying is, also, Youtube is another great tool for this. 
  2. Check for specifications: Not all the clothes will fit you, so the same happens with any heavy equipment that is for sale. So, not just having a tractor, truck, wheel loader, etc. will do what you are looking for. A few years ago, you needed to contact the manufacturer to ask for a brochure. Wait for more days to get it and check for all the machines they have available (If the postal office didn’t lose it, Just kidding). Now with the internet, you have an incalculable amount of information about any machine you want with videos and photos. So, this point is a must to choose the best equipment for you.
  3. If It seems too good for being true, RUN!: There are scammers all around the world selling beautiful machines outside with tons of mechanical troubles ready for the next Incautiuos person.  That happened to me in the past, so to avoid this happening to you, the best tip I can give is: If the price is a bargain just means the owner needs to rid of that junk. Always, shop around to get more prices and check how reliable is the seller, “ If you are buying on Facebook you can click here to see how to do it, On Google, Just check how many stars and the reviews the seller has”.
  4. Consider Hiring Options: Do you remember, that toolbox with thousands of things that you just open once a year? Don´t do the same thing with heavy equipment, If you are going to use the equipment for a short period of time or just for one project, It’s better to rent than to buy a new one,  also, it is more profitable than leaving your heavy equipment catching dust waiting for you to use it again.
  5. Transportation cost also is part of it: A common mistake is to forget the cost of transportation, the shipping is not free. It has a cost since just the work of loading and unloading a heavy equipment machine needs some preparation and logistics, as well, as the cost of gas/diesel, permits, toll fees, etc. so always check how much would cost to transport the heavy equipment. As mentioned before, cheaper doesn’t mean better, in fact, usually, it means the opposite.  Always look for a reliable company to transport your goods. Here at STT logistics group, we can offer you a free quote all-inclusive with a team of experts working for you and answering all your questions by just clicking Here

I hope this information proves useful for you. And if you need to know what your shipping cost will be before you buy something, give us a call and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote. 



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