We Were Named As One Of The Best 5 Logistics Experts!

We just ran across this article that they wrote about us, naming us as one of the 5 best logistics experts in Miami

At STT Logistics Group, we are committed to offering customized solutions to provide peace of mind for our customers and clients. When it comes to getting things moved, we are your ONLY transportation provider for all your logistics requirements and needs. 

When it comes to logistics, we know you have many options, but none to match the service we provide at STT Logistics Group. We are experts in transporting loads, from heavy equipment to oversized machinery. 

STT Logistics Group is always there for you! We provide heavy equipment and logistics solutions for your business productivity.  Numerous businesses depend on the safe arrival of their equipment and products, and we aim to assist in making that happen. 

As a heavy hauling company, we give your business the transportation boost it deserves. At STT Logistics Group, we’re all about making you move forward with your business and needs. 

Our team of experts are dedicated to provide exceptional service and customer satisfaction. When you require hauling your heavy equipment, reach out to the best company. 

You call, we haul. That’s all! 




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