It’s not easy finding a good freight broker. You can spend many hours or days researching brokers and comparing their rates. We’ve put together a list of things that you need to know if you work with a freight broker.

Expertise and Industry Knowledge:

When it comes to negotiating, there is no better broker than one who has been in the industry for a while and has the experience level to succeed. A reputable freight broker should understand the unique requirements and challenges associated with transporting heavy equipment. Effective communication skills, knowledge of local market conditions, and being capable of working in a team are all assets in any professional broker.

Extensive Network and Resources:

Freight brokers with a wide network of carriers and resources can provide you with more options and competitive rates. At STT Logistics Group, we have established strong relationships with reliable carriers and have access to a vast network of transportation resources. This allows us to match your heavy equipment transport needs with the most suitable carriers.

Your freight broker is a significant part of the deciding process. The broker verifies insurance coverage, authority and safety rating. Brokers shouldn’t trust your freight to just any carrier.

Find a broker who offers multiple modal options:

As businesses grow and sales increase, it’s often necessary to go beyond just one type of transportation mode. A broker can fulfill multiple transportation needs with carriers that offer truckload, air freight, rail intermodal, LTL (less-than-truckload), flatbeds and logistics management services.

Is the broker insured:

It is important to do business with an insured broker.  We recommend you not do business with an uninsured broker. An insured broker will be able to pay for any losses or damage claims. If a broker is not insured, we cannot guarantee that your money is safe.

Streamlined Logistics Management:

A skilled freight broker will handle all the logistics details, having a good carrier management, saving you time and effort. They will manage the coordination, scheduling, and tracking of your loads from start to finish. With STT Logistics Group, you can trust our freight brokers to handle every aspect of your heavy equipment transportation, providing you with peace of mind.

Sign a contract:

You will need a written contract with the broker which states the terms and conditions of your agreement. These will help avoid confusion and a bad experience while doing business.

Another thing is that is better if the broker is a member of a respectable company, so you are less likely to experience problems.

At STT Logistics Group, we pride ourselves on being a company with experienced freight brokers you can trust, providing heavy equipment transportation and logistics solutions for business productivity since 2015. With our industry expertise, extensive network, and streamlined logistics management, we are prepared to handle any type of heavy equipment. As a third party logistics company, we give business the transportation boost it deserves



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