Tales of Logistics Mastery: SOME OF STT Logistics Group’s Most Challenging Deliveries

In the dynamic world of logistics, every shipment has its own story. At STT Logistics Group, two of our most challenging and remarkable deliveries showcase our team’s expertise, resilience, and commitment to excellence.

The Military Base Mission: 100 Containers Delivered

Our first tale unfolds with the delivery of 100 containers to a secluded military base. The mission demanded not only precise coordination but also a deep understanding of the security protocols. Each container, packed with essential equipment, had to reach the base on time. We meticulously planned the route, ensuring each truckload adhered to the strict timelines and security checks. The success of this operation was a testament to our team’s ability to handle high-pressure situations and deliver under stringent conditions.

The Vintage Manitowoc 888 Crane: A Journey from the USA to Lagos

Our second story is about transporting a vintage Manitowoc 888 crane from the USA to Lagos, Nigeria. Dating back to 1977, this crane posed unique challenges. Firstly, we had to enter ‘detective mode’ to locate experts who had previously dismantled this model. Finding them was just the beginning. The real task lay in carefully dismantling the crane, requiring one RGN for the main body and 13 flatbeds for the additional components, including counterweights and booms.

Coordinating the loading of the RGN and flatbeds was like conducting a symphony; each movement had to be in perfect harmony. We employed two cranes for dismantling and faced last-minute carrier cancellations. However, our proactive strategy of having standby drivers ensured we stayed on schedule, avoiding costly delays.

Upon reaching the port, the crane’s journey was far from over. Complications arose during unloading in Nigeria, requiring our team to swiftly coordinate with the local port authorities. We ensured the crane was ready for our customer’s trucks to transport it to its final destination.

These stories are more than just successful deliveries; they are a showcase of our dedication and ability to navigate the unexpected. Each journey with STT Logistics Group is not just about moving goods; it’s about delivering promises, overcoming challenges, and writing new chapters in the annals of logistics excellence.



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