125,000 lbs TESMEC TRS1175 Wheel Trencher CO to TX

Navigating Heavy Equipment Transportation: The Tesmec TRS1175 Journey

The Challenge of Moving a Giant

Transporting heavy machinery like the Tesmec TRS1175 Tracked Bucket Wheel Trencher demands more than just muscle; it requires meticulous planning and expertise. This heavy equipment transportation challenge began with us finding the right carrier for our customer’s oversized load. The Tesmec TRS1175, a mammoth in the world of trenchers, was not just another piece of equipment—it was a beast that weighed over 125,000 lbs.

Selecting the Right Carrier

Our first step in this logistics challenge was carrier selection. We faced a unique situation where the equipment had to be transported in “operation mode” because in “resting mode,” it exceeded the height clearance limits for transportation. This scenario required an extended RGN trailer with 13 axles to accommodate the Bucket Wheel Trencher.

Overcoming Height Clearance Hurdles

One critical aspect we couldn’t overlook was the height clearance for bridges and underpasses. We employed a pole car service, an essential tactic for oversize loads, which helped us navigate the route safely. This service ensured that the towering Bucket Wheel Trencher didn’t encounter any clearance issues.

The Importance of Driver Experience

In the world of heavy equipment transportation, driver experience is paramount. We learned this the hard way when the first three drivers, despite their experience with similar machines, were intimidated by the Tesmec TRS1175. It took us a while to find a driver with the right experience who had handled such logistics challenges before.

Communication is Key

As part of our logistics planning, we realized that direct communication with the driver was crucial. In the past, relying on dispatchers led to lost information. For this job, ensuring that our driver was fully briefed and aware of the heavy equipment transportation details was a game-changer.

Delivering Satisfaction

Ultimately, the Tesmec TRS1175 reached its destination in Laredo, TX, intact and on time. This successful heavy equipment transportation was a testament to our team’s ability to manage logistics challenges effectively. The customer was pleased with the condition of the Bucket Wheel Trencher and our adherence to their request of not dismantling any parts of the machine.

Transporting the Tesmec TRS1175 wasn’t just a job for us; it was a journey that reinforced the importance of experience, communication, and meticulous logistics planning in the world of heavy equipment transportation.



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