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As you know, the logistics industry has traditionally been male-dominated, but recent years have seen a positive shift towards greater gender diversity. According to a 2022 study by Zippia, 35.4% of freight brokers are women, while 64.6% are men.

Despite their significant contributions, women are often overlooked in this industry. Often facing obstacles such as prejudice and lack of representation in leadership positions.

However women in logistics can be highly capable and efficient, bringing innovation to the industry. Here are some of the biggest advantages of Including women in logistics processes.

  • Women possess highly developed communication skills, which are crucial in managing relationships with shippers, customers, and carriers.
  • Highly organized, which is an essential skill in a logistics environment where coordination and attention to detail are critical.
  • Women are adept at conflict resolution, which can prove vital in high-pressure situations where quick decisions must be made.
  • Women provide a unique perspective and can open doors to new markets, expanding the network of contacts.
  • Woman can drive innovation, efficiency, and success in the industry.

Female freight brokers are making a significant impact on the logistics industry, challenging traditional norms and driving positive change. By choosing to work with a female freight broker, you actively contribute to a more diverse and inclusive logistics landscape.

Gaby Fuentes – Freight Broker

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