8 years providing peace of mind

It feels just like yesterday, but today at STT Logistics Group, one of the most trusted providers in heavy hauling, we are turning 8. This year marks our 8th anniversary, and we couldn’t be more happy to celebrate all that we have accomplished in partnership with employees, clients, partners, and friends. STT Logistics Group was founded by Andre Corbert and started as a small operation with 4 guys and a few years of experience in the auto-hauling business.

For seven years, the mission of STT Logistics Group has been to be a company dedicated to the growth of our associates, focusing on meeting and exceeding our customers expectations and experiences when working with us.

Starting a company, especially one that sells freight services, is far from easy. Along the way, we’ve developed lasting relationships with both our clients and employees.

It’s been a breathtaking journey for us here at STT Logistics Group, and we’re so proud of the work we’ve been able to do for our clients. We are every day committed to our mission, vision, and values now as we were in 2015, when it all started.

We’ve achieved some remarkable things in partnership with our clients and as a company since 2015:

  • Over 4,000 companies around the world trust STT Logistics Group
  • Sales record break in a month
  • Sales record break in a day
  • Providing and delivering peace of mind to every customer
  • In 2016, we moved an overdimensional load for the first time
  • Now, we have over 40 specialists and a great variety of carriers and shipping lines that allow us to transport any kind of load from anywhere in the world

And we keep going. We continue to innovate. We continue to acquire and grow as one of the best logistics companies and heavy haulers.

We’re so excited to be here. And we’re even more excited to see what the future holds. We love watching our clients grow and flourish, and we can’t wait to build new relationships with other hard-working individuals and business owners. Meanwhile, you know that we’ll be learning, growing, and providing peace of mind with every load moved. That’s just who we are!



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