Below view of truck driver using touchpad outdoors.


1. Inadequate Capacity: Many people can’t move certain loads due to a lack of knowledge or a lack of the proper equipment necessary to do it safely.

2. Poor Customer Service: One of the main issues is the lack of communication drivers can provide; take into account they are constantly driving, and giving updates via call or SMS is not always an option for them; they’re hard to reach out, and as a result, time and money are being wasted.

3. Long Wait Times: There’s no way to guarantee exact dates and times in the transportation industry. Truckers depend on several factors they can not control, like the weather, traffic, loading or unloading delays, and more, affecting the waiting time to pick up a load.

4. Government Regulations: In the US, there’s an ocean of regulations and restrictions that need to be taken into consideration to avoid problems during the transpor

5. Safety Issues: During the time on the road, the cargo is exposed to all sorts of dangers, damages, and hazards, even if it’s moving only a few hundred miles. This is why using the proper setup based on the load’s needs is important.

Despite all these challenges, at STT, we mitigate all the risks involved. We have access to a vast database of trustworthy and experienced drivers, fully insured and with the proper equipment to fit your needs.

In my case, I make sure I get all the information and details necessary to understand your particular needs and take action accordingly to avoid all the previously mentioned scenarios.

My job is to make sure you maximize not just your time but your money as well, which is why I’m available 24/7 on my phone, and via SMS, and if, for whatever reason, you can’t get a hold of me, you will be able to reach any team member in the company that can help you further.



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