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I’m the type of person that takes my job very seriously. When entrusted with a responsibility, I wholeheartedly embrace it as my own, unwaveringly committed to fulfilling it to the best of my abilities. Rest assured that I will exhaust every resource at my disposal to guarantee your complete satisfaction with the services rendered. Obstacles, no matter their nature, im determined to deliver excellence.


Logistics serves as the instrumental tool that propels me towards the achievement of my goals. Within this dynamic industry, a world of limitless possibilities unfolds before me, offering boundless opportunities for growth and success. Embracing the multifaceted nature of logistics, I harness its potential to navigate complex challenges, optimize operations, and forge new pathways towards my objectives.






Years Experience

The broker has moved loads across


Cities and numerous worldwide locations


When I embarked on my journey in this organization half a decade ago, my knowledge of the industry was limited, and I found myself navigating unfamiliar territory. Resembling a novice learning to swim, I took the plunge without hesitation, relying on sheer determination and optimism. In those early days, my approach primarily revolved around making a staggering number of calls, averaging between 250 and 300 daily, despite encountering little immediate success. However, I persevered through the challenges, using each setback as a valuable lesson to refine my skills. Through tenacity and a relentless pursuit of improvement, I gradually honed the art of cold calling, eventually devising a follow-up strategy that, after multiple iterations, proved to be exceptionally effective—a plan that can truly be deemed remarkable.


Throughout my extensive experience in the logistics industry, I have successfully managed a diverse range of cargo, demonstrating proficiency in handling various types of loads. My expertise particularly shines in the transportation of heavy equipment, boats, and containers. Recognizing the importance of reliable partnerships, I have established collaborative alliances with trusted carriers specializing in these specific areas.

What do I like

The teamwork, I know I can rely on the person  next to me, no questions asked. I’m within a group of winners that always keep the bar high, so I’m always pushed to improve each day.

Featured Projects

Heavy Hauling is what  I do the best.

cat d6r


Chris Craft boats

Atlas Copco DM45 Drill


Been doing a lot of work with Ron here at STT logistics group. He is very nice and professional so is his team member Alex.

Daniel Whelan II

Ron was recommended from Cassone Truck Sale Chuck. i did my research requesting other bids. Ron contacted me with information about the status of my load before i selected him to award the bid. That won my trust with my expensive purchase from New York.

Slava R

Ron from STT is our main contact and he has been amazing to work with!! Always ready to help!! Bob and Pauline are also absolutely amazing! Great Team!

Harden Enterprises

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Ron Sanchez
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