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As a freight broker, I am looking to be a one-stop shop providing solutions to my customers in their logistics needs and be there when they need me, I have strong negotiation skills that will provide with great value for their money.


Logistics has become a big part in my personal growth as a business man, I truly believe that being a freight broker has improve not only my negotiation and people skills but at the same time the way I manage to accomplish my goals no matter how big or small is the challenge. I`ve been able to take my life to the next level.






Years Experience

The broker has moved loads across


Cities and numerous worldwide locations


Story begins 4 years ago when I heard for the first time about logistics, at that time I did not have a single clue on where to start, I decided to make a big change in my life by joining a new industry. I started moving few cars and small parts and then after a long learning process I decided to go to the next level and move heavy loads. As time went on, I became more than just a freight broker; I became a valuable partner to my clients. They relied on me for more than just arranging shipments; they sought my advice on optimizing their supply chain, navigating regulations, and overcoming logistical challenges.The journey of becoming a successful freight broker had transformed not only my professional life but also my personal growth. Through dedication and perseverance, I had honed my skills, expanded my horizons, and achieved a level of expertise that I never thought possible. The satisfaction of seeing my clients thrive and knowing that I played a part in their success brought me immense fulfillment and a sense of purpose. Looking back, I realized that my passion for the freight industry had fueled my journey.

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As a freight broker, I specialize in providing peace of mind to my customers while handling any type of load, no matter the size or complexity. With extensive experience in the industry, I have successfully managed numerous oversize loads, both domestically and internationally, spanning across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and various locations around the world.

As a one-stop shop, I take care of every aspect of the freight process, ensuring smooth operations from start to finish. This includes sourcing the most suitable carriers, negotiating competitive rates, arranging necessary permits and documentation, and closely monitoring the progress of each shipment.


What do I like

I love to serve people and thats exactly what I do in here, I love the fact that everyday is different and you never stop learning. One of the things that I enjoyed the most is when the load is delivered and my customer is satisfied with my service and gives me a great review.

Featured Projects

Heavy Hauling is what  I do the best.

Oversize Air Tank

Komatsu PC200 Long Reach Arm

Grove TMS870B Truck Crane

John Deere R4030 Combine


Nice broker Manny.they brought me an semi-truck from CO-OR, good job.

Dan Pislaras

Manny has been great to work with and the load are on time by their drivers he keeps you up t date on the loads I highly recommend him.


As an owner operator STT logistic is the type of broker you want to come across they are fair on their rates honest very professional and follow up with you to make sure all went well on your trip Manny is a great person to work with and look forward to working with you again soon.


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