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As a freight broker, I provide PEACE OF MIND, I am trustworthy and reliable, I understand timeframes and urgency as well as the importance of right decision-making.

I am a one-stop shop providing solutions to my customers in their logistics needs.

I am always available when my customers need me to use my negotiation skills to get them the best deal possible.

What do I think about Freight Brokerage?

I believe that a Freight Broker is an asset that every company in the industry of Construction and Equipment Sales and even Farmers need. Specially, having a transparent Freight broker will help them to know exactly how it is and what are the prices in the industry. It will make their job so much easier and efficient.







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Five years ago, I jumped headfirst into the logistics business with STT. Being my first gig in this field, I owe a ton to STT for showing me the ropes. Working here is like being part of a rock-solid team, which gives me all the confidence I need when dealing with clients. When it comes to trust and peace of mind, STT is top of the game for me. Four years back, I didn't know the first thing about logistics. But I was up for a change, and the industry seemed as good as any. I started out small, moving cars and parts, but soon leveled up to handle the big stuff. The learning curve was steep, but it helped me become more than just a freight broker. Today, my clients count on me for more than getting their stuff from A to B – I help them tweak their supply chains, navigate red tape, and tackle their logistical headaches. .

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I specialize in every single load, from a pallet to containers to Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Landfill Compactors and more…

I specialize in moving any type of truck, heavy equipment, farm equipment and oversize loads that you can imagine within the United States, Canada and Mexico. I´m an expert when it comes to International shipping as well while providing peace of mind.

What do I like

For me logistics is a great way to implement mathematics, dimensions and even accounting which I love numbers , and being able to put all my abilities together for my clients makes me feel worth of having their business.

I love to serve people and thats exactly what I do in here, I love the fact that everyday is different and you never stop learning. One of the things that I enjoyed the most is when the load is delivered and my customer is satisfied with my service.

Featured Projects

Heavy Hauling is what  I do the best.

Caterpillar 627B Scraper


Tigercat 6500 Material Processor

Bomag BC1172RB Compactor

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