Sr. Freight Broker

Gaby Fuentes

Reliability and efficiency are my top priorities. When it comes to your loads, I treat them as if they were my own. My goal is to deliver the most efficient, fast, and cost-effective shipping solutions for your specific needs.

What do I think about Freight Brokerage?

Logistics is about new challenges, problem-solving, helping others, and building meaningful connections. Each day offers fresh opportunities for growth in this dynamic field. Logistics combines all these elements into a fulfilling and exciting career.






Years Experience

The broker has moved loads across


Cities and numerous worldwide locations


Coming from a fashion background, I encountered doubts about my potential in the logistics field. However, I have come to realize that the discipline, persistence, creativity, and problem-solving skills I gained in fashion have actually been an advantage. STT logistics has played a crucial role in my personal and professional growth, being the company that pushed and supported me in achieving my goals. As a result, my mindset and abilities have skyrocketed.


I am here to handle any load you need taken care of, in the US, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, or even Overseas. No load is too big or small for me. I particularly excel in heavy hauling and complex projects, as I enjoy challenges and constantly seek to expand my knowledge. Whether you require loading arrangements, dismantling, or meeting strict time frames, I am your girl!

What do I like

I enjoy the constant challenge of optimizing transportation processes. Being able to help others and facilitate the flow and growth of their businesses is incredibly fulfilling. I am passionate about connecting people and finding innovative solutions.

Featured Projects

Heavy Hauling is what  I do the best.

M2 Freightliner box truck

John Deere 1810E Scraper

SANDVIK QE241 Scalper

K-TEC 3100 Scraper


STT Logistics is by far one of the most pleasant brokerages I had to work with. We had zero issues and doubts while we were hauling for the company.

Viad Novak

Very happy with the service, this is the second time I have worked with her and hope can continue doing business.

Ramon P

A very good experience collaborating with Gaby and Andrea from STT logistics Group. They are a reliable company to work with.

Harden Enterprises

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