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As a Freight Broker, my utmost goal is to be recognized as the dependable and trustworthy logistics professional that everyone seeks. My unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that I consistently surpass customer expectations. I approach every interaction with enthusiasm and a genuine desire to assist, going above and beyond to put a smile on others’ faces. By providing exceptional service and delivering on my promises, I strive to build strong and lasting relationships with my clients. Being the go-to person who can be relied upon for all their logistical needs is my primary objective. With my dedication and passion for what I do, I am confident in my ability to provide unparalleled support and create a positive impact for all those I work with.

What do I think about Freight Brokerage?

Logistics truly is a masterpiece, an intricate web connecting shippers, receivers, drivers, brokers, and more. It’s an industry that offers limitless opportunities for growth and allows us to interact with diverse individuals, hearing their unique stories and assisting them with their transportation needs. While logistics can present challenges that demand dedication and responsibility, putting in the necessary work ensures that everything falls into place. Serving customers has been a profound realization of my love for helping others. The feeling of making a positive impact and providing valuable assistance is unparalleled. It’s a rewarding experience that fuels my passion for the industry and motivates me to continually strive for excellence. In the ever-evolving world of logistics, I embrace the opportunities it presents to make a difference and forge meaningful connections with the people I serve.






Years Experience

The broker has moved loads across


Cities and numerous worldwide locations


I began my journey with STT two years ago, bringing with me some prior experience in the logistics field that proved valuable during my initial days at the company. However, it was within the walls of STT that I truly discovered the extent of my personal and professional growth potential. The environment fostered an atmosphere of continuous development, enabling me to expand my knowledge and expertise in assisting customers with their transportation needs.

The transportation industry has provided me with more than just professional opportunities. It has allowed me to forge genuine connections and establish friendships with the people I’ve met along the way. Working closely with customers has given rise to not only professional relationships but also meaningful friendships. Furthermore, the industry has afforded me the chance to acquire and apply a wide range of skills on a daily basis, further enriching my professional repertoire.


I specialize in a comprehensive range of services, catering to diverse transportation needs. My expertise extends to the coordination and transportation of oversized units and super loads, making me adept at handling even the largest and most challenging projects. Whether it’s machinery, materials, or other cargo, I possess the capability to transport them across the entirety of the United States. Furthermore, I excel in facilitating cross-border shipments, whether it be from the U.S. to Mexico, Canada to the U.S., or vice versa. The scope of my services is not limited to North America, as I am well-equipped to handle international shipments to any destination worldwide. No matter where your cargo needs to go, I have the knowledge and resources to make it happen. In addition to hauling, I also offer valuable assistance with disassembling, loading, and unloading processes. As for trailers, I regularly utilize a variety of types, including lowboys, flatbeds, step decks, hotshots, and dry vans, to ensure the appropriate equipment for each unique transport requirement.

What do I like

Logistics requires meticulous attention to detail and a dedicated effort to ensure every aspect is carefully orchestrated. Just like an artist who crafts a masterpiece, putting in the work and tending to the intricacies of logistics can result in exceptional outcomes. What I have found most enjoyable in my role is the opportunity to assist customers from all corners of the globe and foster genuine connections with them. Building these relationships and earning the trust of my clients is immensely gratifying. I am proud to have a strong base of repeat customers who consistently place their faith in me to handle their valuable cargo. With this trust comes great responsibility, and I am fully committed to delivering a 5-star service each and every time. I understand that being available for my customers around the clock is not just part of the job, but a way of life. This commitment ensures that I can provide the level of service and support they deserve. For me, logistics is more than a profession—it is a lifestyle dedicated to serving customers with excellence.

Featured Projects

Heavy Hauling is what  I do the best.

2023 3055 Grove Crane

2015 Volvo ECR305CL

2006 Peterbilt 378

1998 Caterpillar D8R Dozer


Have a great experience working with them, specially Alejandro and Silvana. They always making sure if everything is going well. Thank you for the business...


Alejandro was prompt and efficient. He Provided relevant information quickly and allowed for immediate contact via text and phone.

Michael D

Alejandro was very helpful to me, providing me with key information that I needed and working with me throughout the whole process.

Spencer West

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